Twitch (1990 - 1995)

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The Kalamazoo band twitch came into existence around the end of 1990, out of the remains of the rarely-heard "Crowded Morgue". At the time, band members included Kevin Oberlin (vocals and guitar), Steve Martin (bass), Kevin Farkas (drums), and Rick Cutsinger (guitar). Within this line-up, they released the metal-with-some-clean-guitar cassette "Feel the Palm" and gained relative popularity around town, playing the club and parties. Within the next year or so, Chris Bryers joined the band as vocalist, leaving "Selling Heaven" and Rick Cutsinger left. Chris joked that he had won the "Honorary Sammy Hagar Ruin your Favorite Metal Band" award, but in fact, Twitch took quite a turn towards improvement. In 1993 they released the very popular EP CD "Homewrecker", and became fixtures in Kalamazoo and played the big festivally shows. Another demo was recorded at the Western Studios which was never released. They released the 7' of Jedi/Maryjane to a dwindling number of turntables. They were signed to Grass Records and recorded their first full length, "Beaten Senseless and Giddy With Love" (1993?). A video for "Locomotive God" was produced. They were also included on a Frank Sinatra tribute record. At the height of the Kalamazoo local scene, twitch was picked up by major record label R C A Records and recorded two albums worth of unreleased material (a demo and an album) with producer Dave Ogilvy. In 1995, they were dropped by the label and broke up shortly afterward. Members went on to start Owlsa, Sleet and Dead River Drag.


  1. Feel the Palm
  2. Body Twitch
  3. Eyelock
  4. My Room
  5. Spanish


Here are a couple of freebies to get you back into the swing of things:

Now go get the rest of HOMEWRECKER from Apple iTunes:   HOMEWRECKER Twitch - Homewrecker - EP

WMU DEMO (Unavailable right now)(1993)
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD (Unavailable right now)(1993)
JEDI / MARYJANE 7" (Unavailable right now)(1993)


Here are a couple of freebies to get you back into the swing of things:

Now go get the rest of BEATEN from Apple iTunes:   BEATEN SENSELESS Twitch - Beaten Senseless and Giddy With Love

POST-BEATEN DEMO AND ALBUM (Unavailable right now)(1994)