Snorkel (1992 - 1995)

I saw Snorkel a dozen times and can still hum "I never should've got that tattoo" and "get the fuck off the stage" by wrote. Their bass player lent me his amp on night at Harvey's, which was kind. I'm 90% sure I still have my Snorkel t-shirt which I proudly bought. It has a picture of a man helping a young boy off with his pants. As a father of two now, I think I will leave the shirt in my memory box.

This page is a cut-n-paste job from their Myspace page, so if anyone wants to write something and send it on, we'll put it up.

snorkel was a kalamazoo staple of the early nineties. the shows were noted for drug use, simulated sex acts, and full frontal nudity. all the songs were about sex terrors. the members of snorkel have aged into distinguished gentlemen, and we all agree that if resin mattress can have a goddamned myspace page, then we can too.

Here's their myspace page, some of the flyers and photos are pretty funny.


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