Selling Heaven (1991 - 1992)

(As remembered by Jeff, someone please send a real one to cool @ leons temple . com (remove spaces))

I would have to guess that Selling Heaven formed in 1991, being (again guessing) the first band of record for Bill Clements after CATHARSIS, a perenial tuna fest progressive rock act, arguably one of the bigger bands in town during the pre-era, and perhaps even his debut sans his picking/fone-bone hand that was lost in an industrial accident.

Chris Bryers would have joined upon the break of SON OF ONE, and I don't know where Mike Yount came from (perhaps drummersville?). Anyways, looking back, that line up if virtual perfect storm of talent. Besides having some completely awesome Bryers songs and singing, you also got to enjoy Bill's playing, which got really neat on songs such as "butterfly" and "I love you" (not sure of title, but he used to use bass feedback). Mike Yount was a fucking heart attack on the drums. Dead fucking awesome. Plus his Sonor brand kit was tonally perfect. If you ever took part or listed to a drum tuning conversation among drummers (it would have about the interest level of an insurance seminar, but with more sound effects) Yount's sound was basically unattainable. Rumor was that you just needed to buy really nice drums.

They quickly released a five song demo tape which had songs such as local favorite "Butterfly", and "Napolean's Homecoming". The REAL treat, though, was the four track demo that was distributed among family friends, that was basically a full album. I'm not sure why it wasn't released, perhaps because they finished to close to Chris leaving. It's arguably one of the most important assets created from the era. My copy, in handwriting, says "Killswitch: Beaten senseless and giddy with love".

Somewhere in this very short tenure, Chris stopped playing guitar and Bill's brother Jeff came in to play guitar. There was rumor that Chris' hand was carpel(sp) tunnel syndroming, or maybe it was a sweetheart play to get the very young Jeff into the band. It was a little confusing since all the tough guitar work seemed to be coming from Bill's bass, with no solos or intricate guitar playing. But, dude, YOU try to play Leon's Temple with all add 9 chords (stretchy chords, as we called 'em)

Selling Heaven played, I don't know, probably 20 shows or so around town and became popular in their own right. They were breifly "Killswitch" with Chris in the band, but he soon joined TWITCH in a divorce that had touches of bitterness. Jeff took over vocals and the band continued on as KILLSWITCH.

Someone, someone has to get us the Napolean's Homecoming demo tape encoded for us. I think I have it on cassette still.

LT EXLUSIVE! Selling Heaven - "Napoleon Homecoming / butterfly" demo (1992)

Warbly, mono, no track selections (did your tape copy have selections?)


LT EXLUSIVE! Selling Heaven - Beaten Senseless demo tape (1992)

(note: This thing is great - arguably the best thing on this site. I don't have the track names, but they include "LEONS TEMPLE", "Chemical Whore", "Beneath the Kiss")
  1. Track 1
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  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
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