Thumper (1988 - 1994?)

(by Geoff)

so this stuff is from a days worth of mickey's and hanging out at the wmu studio making rock. simeon esper wrote the songs, benzo richards engineered and played bass and i played drums and sang backup.

if you don't already have a bio, it goes something like this...

sim and i were in high school together and he had this band called thumper that i kept trying to get into cuz i thought i could do a better job drumming than the kid that was doing it. i managed to elbow my way in from time to time and even performed a few of shows with the outfit. there were at least three different regular bass players and that many drummers. bass players: one of whom, moved to yelm, wa with his family and they joined a odd group whose spiritual leader is believed to be from outer space. another was hagen fenstermaker, an otsego dude who still lives in kazoo as far as i know. evan smith played at least one show on bass after a hasty practice out at the farm. benzo played in its last incarnation and in my opinion the best. drummers were mark mcpherson, craig sisson and myself. sim was the core member and thumper was always a trio.

simeon went to college to study singing opera style so thumper never really had a chance to become a full fledged kalamazoo regular. he would come back to town from time to time and we would get together and work out songs that he had on deck and actually managed to record a few times. sim is an incredibly talented song writer and i always wished that he could've done the rock thing with more regularity. that said, i think he made a good alternative choice in becoming an opera singer. he got a regular singing gig in germany where he lives with his wife whom he met there. he also travels to sing in guest appearances in other operas including seattle a couple of years ago and san diego summer '08.


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