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DuG [aka Douglas Garnett] has been around the music scene for what seems like eternity. I was also an instructor for a brief period.

or Love Is The New Anger instrumental collection of songs for the guitar geek in all of us

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A BRIEF HISTORY - DuG [aka Douglas Garnett] has been involved in several bands over the years, starting locally [K'zoo] as a guitarist. After all that I moved around several times, forming bands along the way from Chicago to Chattanooga. On the way to Florida to experience other things.

THE BEGINNING - Instead of pretentiously namedropping all the right artists I'll just tell you how it all began. Junior high, in my stepfather's garage soon after watching my very first ever REAL concert, The 1979 KISS Dynasty Tour at Madison WI's Dane County Coliseum. Judas Priest was the opening act and to this day I've never witnessed such a spectacle even close, and yes, I've played with GWAR. Flying, exploding guitars, flame throwing, spewing blood, 360 degree rotating and spinning drums, bottle rockets, fire, fire, more fire, confetti, monster boots and lipstick on men. Judas Priest were so loud my ears rang for weeks and Rob Halford [singer] came out on stage in a pimped out Harley. That's EXACTLY when I KNEW I had to get a guitar. Thus began my tireless pursuit of Rock-A-Rolla!!!

IN THE NOW - Presently I am working on songwriting production and collaborations, as well as instrumental pieces. The instrumentals posted here are a showcase for my guitar playing, but also to show a variety of styles, sounds, and characteristics, some borrowed, some distinctly my own creation, while retaining a rock-n-roll presence.

I know the world needs another 'guitar hero' like it needs another oil spill. But if you take a listen or two, you'll find that there is alot more going on than shredding. I always try to make sure there's a good hook and/or melody, sometimes throwing in the kitchen sink!


So... without further ado

[with added commentary]

00. Grrrr

A very quick introduction to what's hapnin' here.

01. Circles

One of my favorite albums as a kid was "Reach the Beach" by The Fixx, tho embarrasing to admit. I loved how crisp and clean the guitar was but it still sounded cool. I found a great setting on my amp a year or so ago that sounds just like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" clean delayed sound. This is my funk without being funky. I left out keyboards and poked around with picking patterns, utilizing as much of the delay as I could.

02. Look Ma, One Hand

Using my left hand only, I picked up this trick from watching Bill Clements play bass. I rotated between the top three strings in a legato fashion, it's actually an excercise I use to strengthen my fingers.

03. The Heart Of A Robot

I hadn't been a mathrock fan for several years, Dillinger Escape Plan and Pelican not withstanding, so I thought I'd try my hand using different time signatures. This track was completely done in 7/8. The trick was to create a song that isn't 4/4 but still grooving. The verse melody is a finger tap pattern, with an added harmony following the same pattern in the harmonic key. I also experimented with with a fingertap chromatic pulloff between 2 strings for the bridges.

04. SemporA

Just 2 clean guitars, one left, one right. Originally meant as an intro for something but decided I like it as an interlude. Very peaceful.

05. Theme Of...

Inspired by John Murphy's "The Surface of the Sun". Somewhat of a generic bit in it's own right but leaves me tingly. I tried creating something that sounds like a soundtrack piece. There was so much going on by the end I had to record 6 tracks of the guitar solo just so it could be heard properly. For the first time ever, I actually kept an improv solo that appears shortly after the first break. Normally I rehearse a part until I record it, but this time I just went with it, though it's not what I had expected. I feel like I embodied the spirit of Ritchie Blackmore.

06. Mafia Beach Party

My very first instrumental piece from the band RaBiDeArS. A combination of surf rock ala Dick Dale and The Godfather. My favorite song to play live as I used my 'alien' guitar effect. I recorded this one using 4 guitar tracks, mostly doubling to fatten the sound. One track was all slide guitar. Drums played by Red. Bass by Alex Herweyer. Keymonica by Jason Lyles.

07. Uno

I quadruple tracked this solo, each using a different tone. The effect was to create a classical piece that sounds like a violin. The entire piece is a pull-off excercise between the B and E strings. It might sound fingertap-ish but there are none. The original idea came to me from Rush's "Spirit Of The Radio" opening riff.

08. The Circus Is On Fire

Originally a band song, I ditched the vocals and replaced them with mini guitar solos, sort of a Steve Vai-esque approach to 80's rock songs. The choruses were in particular the hardest parts for me to play as I did the finger tap arpeggio riff, which I don't normally do. Drums by Rasheen, bass by Alex Herweyer.

09. Spring A.M.

It is such a happy chippy 'just had coffee and the sun is out' vibe. I'm not always full of gloom and grey clouds. Thought it'd be a nice cheerful way to end.




So that's it for now. Hope that many of you enjoy this music. It's pretty much the soundtrack to my life as it is this very moment, maybe it'll mean something to you, maybe not. Special Thanks to Jeff for allowing to share with everyone through Leon's Temple! You can reach me via email at


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